Monday, May 28, 2012

the Noise - Arts & News...

The June issue of the Noise is out this weekend! Publisher Charles Severeid has created a beautiful ad for my show at Brandy's! Pick up an issue and see the article by Clair Anna Rose about my plans for the show! It opens June 5th, in Flagstaff (directions on their website so my brushes will be working overtime this week. So will my matter and framer, husband, John!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red Rock Lavender, Concho, AZ

Here it is, once again, my painting of the lavender fields in Concho, AZ. But wait... this is exciting news! Red Rock Lavender Farm is getting ready for their annual festival in June, when it is open to the public for tours. It's a wonderful chance to see the farm, experience some "pick your own lavender," and see the different offerings in the gift shop. Find your way using the map and get more details from their website (look for the festival link).  You will notice that they will be selling notecards and prints of this image in their gift shop. So plan your trip to Concho and don't forget to order your lunch ahead of time through their site.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flagstaff Artists' Marketplace

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day for the Artists'  Marketplace in Flagstaff. I enjoyed sharing the day with the other artists and meeting the folks who came out to visit our booths. I was able to share some previews for my next show - Brandy's will go up on June 4th! Yes, my paint brushes will be very busy over the next few weeks!!!