Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

 Wishing you a Happy Easter and a beautiful Spring! Yes, I know some of you are still in the midst of winter, but spring will soon be on your doorstep too! And what is more perfect than a bouquet of daffodils? Well, maybe a watercolor of some of those yellow beauties! In reading about the language of flowers, daffodils represent chivalry and uncertainty as well as being the Flower of Easter.

Now if you would like to have a giclée of this daffodil image for your very own, you can shop online through Etsy! That's right! I want to introduce you to my newest venue where you will find a variety of my images for purchase.  Just go to and you will find notecards, giclées, ceramic tiles and small originals. It's still a work in progress, so check back often for updates.