Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunsets and Tangerine!

Did you know that tangerine has been determined to be the color for 2012! How exciting to have such a vibrant, happy color to usher us into the new year! So, of course, I was thinking about what I could paint in "tangerine" and found a painting that I have not shared with you yet. "La Jolla Sunset" (image 10x14) was a commissioned piece that I painted last fall. I had to wait to show it here to be sure that it had been presented to its recipients and I wouldn't spoil the surprise. It's a perfect take on the tangerine theme and would look wonderfully exciting in so many landscapes if you don't have palm trees where you live!

If you don't have a spot for a sunset, how about a still life or flowers? My mind is going crazy with ideas, so I'd better get my brushes busy! Where can you add a splash of tangerine?!